Was up at SR Yesterday and Today, got in about 10 runs Friday and 6 Today.

Date(s) Skied: 11/11/11 and 11/12/11

Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River

Conditions: Mixed, Mostly Corn or solid Snow.

Trip Report:

11/11/11 Headed out at around 12, fearing crowds, Snowmaking, and Rain. There were on and off flurries all day, and maybe 100 or so people on the hill (Most of whom were in the mini park on Sunday Punch)

The very tip top of Sunday Punch was 1 person wide, with a mandatory 6 inch drop over some rocks
Below that The trail was at half width, with very nice spring condition. Normally being only at half width would be a disaster for that trail but because of the lack of people it skied more like a Narrow, Classic style trail and the low base depth made for lots of pitches and rolls, and was actually pretty fun.

I didn't ski T2 very much because it was my first day out on the hill. It was pretty choppy, and once the sun left the trail it started freeze. Cover was basically Wall to wall, with the exception of the far right side.

11/12/11 Went out first thing, had the 6th or 7 loaded chair up the mountain. The mountain had been making snow for what seemed like maybe a little too long, and the guns shutdown right after opening. The initial surface was terrible. Upper T2 had some good Snowmaking Powder but right after that is was a thin layer of slushy crust, which was a very bumpy ride. Sunday Punch no longer had cover issues but suffered from the same surface as T2. Within 2-3 runs more people showed up, and T2 had some of the wierdest conditions I've ever seen. The upper flat portion was still soft Snowmaking Powder, but on the first pitch it was frozen death cookies, then 50 feet later the surface change to mashed potatoes... All within a 50 foot elavation difference. At this point very soft and nice Moguls began to form and I stuck to T2 till we had to head south at 10.

Overall it was a great 2 days to start off the season with, looking forward to another good season . I have some pictures on my phone and will upload them if I figure out how later.