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    Now these guys are going fast. I estimate I've cracked 55 on the lower half of Haines. I could have reached the 60 mark but the blind rollers in the bottom 3rd force some speed conservation. Since it is a closed course the guys above don't have to worry about that.

    And that run has more consistent pitch then chute

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    Just reread it all, great stuff. This post kills me, perfect!

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    Only 76? Kinda weak

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    Thank God for mathematicians!

    Still faster than you.
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    Still faster than you.
    You can see my photos here -

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    I think this might be POTM for November.
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    Had so much trouble keeping my shit together while reading this

    I'll give Tuna 45mph. I have a tracking app (Snocrew) that occasionally glitches out, but gives relatively accurate readings. Last year at Sunapee I was hauling at top speed down Lynx and reached 46.7. The speed in Tuna's video looks around that.

    All tracking apps are bullshit, that same *reliable* app glitched out on me once and gave me a reading of 126 after a day of bumps at magic
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    Me and a friend went in a tuck down all the steepest runs from the top of Stratton attempting to set the highest speeds possible. Stratton's pretty tame but it's pretty big vertical down all these runs. We'd hit about 65 mph on most runs but never hit 70.
    Meanwhile, me and said friend went to Hunter on an icy cold day later that season. On Claire's from right above the last intersection to the base we hit 72 mph. That was the fastest I've ever gone and the scariest I've ever felt. The snow was totally scraped down to a blue ice in places and we were flying. You could probably go even faster too if you did it from the summit on a similar blue ice late afternoon day. Just proves that Hunter West is quite steep, and in my opinion, the most consistently steep face south of Killington and some of its terrain.
    Concluding, I do think the MPH radar on these apps can be pretty consistent, but not entirely accurate. As we were using multiple phones with the others we were skiing with and having registered similar or comparable speeds that make sense, I do think they were correct in our context.
    And with that being said, we went a hell of a lot faster than you were going. We didn't commit one turn for over 1000 vertical on these terrain.

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