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    I agree with Bolton Valley and Smuggs.

    Bolton Valley is a personal favorite of mine. The trails are beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocks860 View Post
    Pretty sure I stayed in that hotel at the base back in like 1997 when we went up for a school ski trip
    Can confirm that nothing has changed since then with the property. Stayed there 2 wknds ago with Catsup948 for 1 of the nights on our trip.
    Its outdated for sure but is clean, is slope-side, includes a continental breakfast and access to the sports center (also outdated but not a big deal)
    Hard to beat the price.
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    Need VT skiing advice

    I remember the rooms being pretty non descript but a decent indoor pool

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    Quote Originally Posted by xwhaler View Post
    Burke+Cannon would be another combo to avoid long drives between the 2. Stay at Comfort Inn in St J in between.
    And a very easy drive from Somerville.
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    There is also a Hampton Inn in Littleton and a Best Western in Franconia.

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    Really wish they had a Marriott property in the Littleton, St. j area. Closest is WRJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    Really wish they had a Marriott property in the Littleton, St. j area. Closest is WRJ.
    Who knows 5 years from now maybe Marriot will buy the QBurke Hotel-Lodge.
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    Heck if Omni can buy the Mount Washington Hotel and Bretton Woods, you never know.

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    mccleaks got a lot of good advice on this thread.

    IMO any of the following suggested earlier should do the trick:
    - Smuggs and Bolton Valley
    - Burke and Cannon
    - Ragged and Cannon

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshua segal View Post
    - Ragged and Cannon
    I'm not sure that suggesting 2 NH mountains qualifies as "VT skiing advice". Especially when one of those (Ragged) isn't on the pass he's trying to use.
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