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    Quote Originally Posted by Puck it View Post
    It is called skiing and anywhere you are doing that is better than in Lexington. What are you stupid?

    Obviously, there has been plenty of Okemo bashing here over the years and who cares what anyone thinks...................

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    Try lapping bumped up Sels all day

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    Went with a buddy last year who had an extra ticket and we mostly skied the woods as it was packed and super windy so everything was basically solid ice. The trees were pretty fun and we skied some with a local who knew the places to go but other than that it's super boring

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    That extra ticket was free so I wasn't complaining

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    That 3D map looks like a great golf course!
    All skiing is good. Some skiing isn't as good. But all skiing is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billski View Post

    I That said, she's not interested in off-piste or bumps.
    If she's not interested in off-piste or bumps is any place really challenging?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwinger View Post
    If she's not interested in off-piste or bumps is any place really challenging?
    Have you ever skied ripcord at sugarbush at the end of the day?

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    Hmm fast groomers , railing turns at warp speed , great snow coverage , all with a friend or friends ....hell sounds like a perfect day to me !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crank View Post
    I end up skiing a day or so at Okemo almost every season. Used to go there a fair amount when my son was young and learning. Now I go with some friends and sometimes my ski club. Last time I went I rode my snowboard which, for me, is challenging.

    A couple runs at the very top of Jackson Gore are a bit steepish but not for long and not that steep. There are some good bump runs to be found as well.

    Good snowmaking and grooming and a consistent, if not steep pitch make it fun for people who like to carve groomed terrain. If that is not you then you may not have the best time there and will have to make do making it about hanging out with your friends.

    Some fun can be had and tracks made skiing through property owner's yards off the Sachem trail.

    I will say that I find that skiers who prefer moderately pithed groomers...even if they ski fast and look to have good form good on their chosen terrain, generally fall apart when faces with anything steep and ungroomed revealing a lack of skills and technique... Yes I know this is a sweeping generalization and is just my opinion, but it is one formed over years and years of skiing with a lot of different folks.
    I'd say you're generally correct, but I learned at Okemo and broke the mold. Have to go into the woods and bumps by myself when I'm doing with people there, but that may be more because of their ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darent View Post
    what's not to like skiing with a damn fine ,smokin hot, fast skiing lady, shut up and ski.try and keep up then Apre'
    Ah Ha...I like KevinF's inside hand touching the snow and I would guess that ss20 meant...ski the tree lines BEFORE you two visit the pub for a few...(ROTFL)
    Try some of those slalom-turn exercises on ~80% inside ski...or something, or did you buy those Gypseys? (lol)
    Just have some fun.. You know the line...What Happens at Okemo Stays at Okemo!...or is that Vegas?
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