Great post, SkiFanE. Our experience has been similar so far.

Jcb890, congrats on the little one! Like others, I would guess your number of days will dip for a while. Personally, I went down to 1-5 days a season when the kids were babies. I would skip the pass and plan to go a la carte for the next season or two.

A couple ideas:
-If some angelic grandparent is game to do this some weekend, rent a place on mountain for your family and said grandparent. Grandparent takes care of baby while you and wife ski. If the place is on mountain, you and mama can check in on the baby at lunch or in between runs.
-You and your wife could get a single day ticket and take turns doing runs while the other one takes care of baby in the lodge.

Other than that, it's tough. You can get the occasional day solo or with your buddies if your wife watches the baby, and vice versa. But those probably won't add up to too many.

Good luck!