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    Looks like DC should start investing in some domes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    What if the locals are buying ICON in big numbers?

    If thousands of locals bought IKON passes, that, multiplied by 7, could be a huge skier visit number.
    I doubt it would change much.

    The local are either NOT going to ski, or they ski in ... Alta/Snowbird/Brighton/Solitude!

    Will they ski more because it's "one low price"? Possibly.

    But if you look at Epic pass data (sorry I don't have the link, but I heard bits and piece of it as Vail collects all that info), there's a group who ski a lot. They always ski a lot of days anyway. There's a group that only ski so few days that they barely break even (or NOT break even!). They still only ski a few days!!!

    Now, the population explosion of Utah, that's a completely different matter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd View Post
    Recently spent $91 on a Killington lift ticket. I had not been in maybe 5 years because K is just not on my radar. It hurt to spend it but I had a good day.

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    Sugarloaf was more two years ago. Hahahaha and that's a garbage dump

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