Use this instead of ski wax


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    Use this instead of ski wax
    I got this in aemil from my local ski shop
    From what the article says. Only have to put it on skis or snowboard 1
    No other time s ever sounds
    Anyone here know any truth about

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    It gets good reviews and seems to hold up in different temps!

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    A large thread about this is on the PugSki forum

    Consensus seems to be that it works very well, but a good wax job (done for the correct snow temperature!) will still beat it. Great for recreational skiers that consider waxing to be a chore, but it will still lose to the right flouro wax on race day.

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    As I recall, I believe you can use regular wax over this for special snow conditions. Don’t quote me in this though...

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    This intrigues me, but what about removing dirt & grime, would a hot wax still remove that stuff?

    More importantly, what if I get a core shot, is it still an easy fix or would Phantom render my skis useless?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    More importantly, what if I get a core shot, is it still an easy fix or would Phantom render my skis useless?
    I was wondering the same thing

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    The thread on Pugski is over 30 pages. I've read a fair bit, though not even half. I was interested in the product. My take away points from reading that: 1) It seems to work about as well as a normal, not temperature specific, wax. 2) Works best if used on a new ski or after a fresh grind. The base has to be really clean. Most of the negative posts seemed to be from folks not following this recommendation or not seeming to follow the application procedures fully. If user applied, it takes a lot of direct sun to get it to cure properly. If applied professionally on new skis or after a fresh grind, most posts were pretty positive. 3) You can apply wax over it. Some posts suggest the wax doesn't last as long, but there seems to be not problem using wax. 4) It is supposed to penetrate the base and will even last through a grind. I didn't see posts that endorsed or refuted that claim. 5) Skis seem to feel a little sticky when going very slowly, standing in lift lines, etc. This seems to be more true shortly after it's been applied. 6) If you like waxing your skis, use temperature specific waxes, etc., it's probably not for you. 7) If you're like me and don't wax your skies nearly as often they should be waxed, it would seem to have considerably more merit. If I bought new skis I'd probably give it a try. Not cheap, but I don't wax often enough and professional wax jobs are not that cheap. Anyone interested should go read the thread on Pugski.

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    I'm most interested in seeing posts from people who've used it on the same pair for skis for 3 seasons and after a ton of days on snow. Most of the, "it really works!" posts I've seen have come from short-term or one-season users, whereas I want to see long-term data.

    I think I'll thousands of other people be guinea pigs first, but frankly if this stuff really works it's likely going to become industry standard for recreational skis within a decade anyway.

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    My skis tend to get their wax job randomly: when I ski over some "stuff", (i.e. rocks!) which is surprisingly frequent

    In between rock encounters, my skis glide reasonably well. So I may not have gotten them waxed as often as I "should", I could barely tell the difference.

    So a longer lasting wax is kind of low on the priority for how I use my skis.
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