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    Quote Originally Posted by Zand View Post
    ^After that last run on Chute and then back to the base, I went top-to-bottom on Canyon/Standard with no stops. My legs were screaming after that one.
    don't think it would have been physically possible for me to ski top/bottom on my last run.

    legs are cooked. i am not in the shape i thought i was in. lots of the skier's edge before hunter. great time today.

    thanks for the ride brian. i was impressed by your bag of snacks on the way home. such variety.
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    Namaste you guys!

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    Great skiing with you guys!

    I think Austin is some type of Cyborg. That kid had nothing but energy. I wish I had more in the tank, but my Preseason Workout Regimen left a little to be desired. Still, I skied from about 9:15 to 2:30, about 7 or 8 runs on Chute, with only that short break for lunch . . . not bad for the first day out.

    It was great attaching names to faces, and I was impressed as a whole as to the level of ability on display. Usually, when you get a group of random people together, I never really know how people will ski, but everybody was ready to go right out of the gate. Of course, I guess I should've assumed there'd be some rippers . . . I mean, if you talk about something all summer, you have to get better, right?

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    Some pics...



    A very well covered chute:


    A bunch of AZers:

    Some Huntah guy, spacing on name right now:




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    Video: T-minus ~30 minutes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by awf170 View Post
    That's a rad pic of Pat right there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by awf170 View Post
    Haha, maybe that's why I was tired . . . Low stance . . . Apparently, I was doing deep knee bends all day!

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    Oh man, looks like you guys had a blast. Chute looks awesome...

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    Quote Originally Posted by awf170 View Post
    Some Huntah guy, spacing on name right now:
    Actually, after closer inspection, that's our very own powhunter. CT bumpers represent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Date(s) Skied: Monday, November 12, 2007, 9:50 am - 3:30 pm

    Resort or Ski Area: Mount Snow, Vermont

    Conditions: Manmade snow, bumps, hardpack. mostly cloudy. Cool, no wind.

    Trip Report:

    Hey! Get your own thread!

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    High res vid uploading...

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