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    Even with the rain most streams and rivers are below average still. Got another soaker coming up Sunday night to Monday.

    I wouldn't worry about SB not blowing snow early. Places are gonna want to open as much terrain as they can to keep their capacity up.
    The downside is they will probably be painting them pretty thin then get on to the next one to keep capacity up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djd66 View Post
    The question is, Why is there a different rate for residential VS non-residential? Seems strange to me and I'm surprised that this has not been questioned in the courts. In the past the rate for non-residential was higher than residential and I think that was what pissed people off so much. In Massachusetts it does not matter where you live full time, everyone pays the same rate.
    There are homestead rules in Vermont (like Florida) and taxes are abated on a sliding income scale up to $138,250/pa based on federal and state returns filed each year. See Vermont Forms HS-122/HI-144.

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