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    Will you be hiking northbound or southbound. I'll be starting July 29th from Vosemite Valley.

    I have a route for a 48 4k footer hike on a couple of sheets of line paper I planned back in 2004. I was set to go when I lost my job (with vacations), took a low paying (dream) job with the AMC's shelter program and then spent all my hiking time for the next three summers as a caretaker. I still hope to get back to that hike someday. Unlike Hank Folsom I'd like to it as a long distance backpacking trip with resupply plans, a couple of road walks and one "bushwack" using an abandoned trail.
    I'll be heading south, not sure of a start date yet. One of the guys I'm going with is starting the Colorado Trail June 21, we'll be heading out to the Sierra once he's done. It should be sometime in early August.

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    The whole year's one big season to me, but I do admit the hiking will pick up now that ski season is over. I've already been up in the Whites taking photos of waterfalls, and hope to do a bunch of day or backpacking trips into places I haven't been before or in a long time, such as the Great Gulf, Wild River Valley, and Caribou/Speckled Mountain Wilderness. We want to traverse the Davis Path and the Kilkenny Ridge Trail, I'd like to try a full Presi traverse, and we're going to do some Mahoosuc/Grafton backpacking. I'd also like to get up to Baxter again in the fall.

    Most importantly, sometime this summer I want to finish and post the photo album from our backpacking trip *two* summers ago in the Maroon Bells Wilderness in Colorado. Oopsie.
    Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face. - Dave Barry
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    After years of not hiking, I did around 15 4k+ footers (a few more than once since my friend had never hiked them) last year. My wife and I did Mt. Washington for the first time ever and it was her first ever 4k+ footer as well.

    The Bonds
    Flume Slide
    N. and S. Twin
    exploring more of the Presidential Range

    ...are all ones I'd love to experience this year if time permits. I'd also like to find time to do Chocorua again since it has been years since I hiked it and my wife has never climbed it. My kids climbed their first peaks last year (Cardigan and Kearsarge) and I'd love to get them up something like Chocorua or Moosilauke.

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    Shroud, IMO Moosilauke from Ravine Lodge Road may be easier than Chocorua. The DOC does a great job maintaining the trails.
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    Mike, I agree with you about (eventually) choosing to do Moosilauke with them. A friend and I hiked Moosilauke on a perfect Fall day via Gorge Brooke and came down Carriage Road. Gorge Brook is an amazing trail with some beautiful hiking that I'm sure my kids will enjoy.

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