What do you ride?


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    What do you ride?

    Okay - so here's a thread to get things started. What are you pedaling?

    I have an old Trek 930 circa 1995 and a 2005 Jamis Cross Country 1.0. Haven't even ridden the Jamis yet. My wife bought it for my birthday last year. Will have to try and get out on it this summer...

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    Mountain--Giant Warp II disk brakes
    Road--Cannondale R3000 full Durace

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    Trek 5200 Carbon Fiber Road bike from 1993 with Shimano Ultra600 components
    and a Trek 7800 Hybrid.

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    Jericho, VT / Westmoreland, NH
    2000 Ted Wojcik hardtail for XC
    2001 K2 Brass Monkey for jumping stuff/freeride
    1994 Balance XR-750 Singlespeed for XC

    road bike-tbd when I get it!


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    litespeed ocoe
    jenson ti frame road bike made by litespeed with full durace and kyseriums (sp)
    bianchi pista fixed gear
    specialized s-works set up as a trials bike
    giant cfr3 franken bike for the trainer

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    This is from the "Great road biking weather" thread in Misc.:

    My three bikes have been put together by me.

    Mountain bike:
    2001-ish GT Marathon I-drive frame (only sold in Europe?)
    XTR derailleurs
    XT Shifters/levers
    Avid mech. disc breaks
    Mavic X221 disc rims/XT hubs/DT double butted spokes built by me
    Race Face Exodus crank
    Shimano M797 pedals
    Marzocchi Marathon S Air/Coil fork
    Fox Float RL air rear shock

    Road bike:
    2003 Lemond Victoire Ti frame
    Spinergy Rev X Superstiff wheels
    Ritchey road pedals
    Full 2003 9 spd Dura Ace
    Double crank, 12-27 cassette

    and I still have my old GT mtn bike which was a solid ride, the Rebound
    Stock wheels, sold my Mavics
    Acera X shifters, crank, front der., brakes
    XT rear der.
    Marzocchi Z4 Fly-light air sprung fork

    And of course, as on all my mountain bikes, WTB Velociraptor tires, the best as far as I've found.

    Here's a shot of me on my GT:

    I love that bike. I've had to do a little problem solving with that big i-drive bearing, but since I've worked the bugs out (no thanks to GT engineers) it has treated me very well.
    Making sanity obsolete since 1982...

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    Welcome Doro, post often.
    Making sanity obsolete since 1982...

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    Mountain: Raleigh M80 hardtail (I'm shopping for either an Iron Horse MKIII Comp or Giant Trance 2)
    Road: Giant TCR2
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    Steel Framed Garry Fisher Hookoo e' koo I bought used. I think it is about 7 years old, but I am not sure. Anyway I upgraded it with a Rock Shocks Pilot XC fork, it used to have an Indy XC (I think that’s what it was, I gave it to a friend) a new saddle, and replaced the rear cassette, 2 of the front gears, and the chain. The old one had been on there to long, and stretched everything out. This is a great ride, bought it for about 200 bucks, and put 300 into it, and for 500 bucks it is better than allot of 1000-dollar hard tails. It is a bit sketchy during steep turns, but it has a great feel to it, and is pretty nice.

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