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    NNY St Lawrence River
    Winter : Skiing - Alpine and XC, distance walking , gym

    Summer : road biking , golf , distance walking , swimming , tennis and gym

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    Winter: Skiing, Ice skating(pond hockey when available) xc skiing (been a long time but I liked it).

    Summer: Boating/water skiing, some golf, hiking. Thinking about starting mountain biking. Been doing some road biking over the years.

    All year: Tennis and jogging (along with a resistance training program).


    Lake Hopatcong, NJ

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    Bangor and the state's woodlands
    Year-Round: yahdwork...
    Spring-Fall: hiking/sight-seeing/photographing/paddling remote areas of Maine woodlands
    Winter: skiing: downhill/AT(on/off resort), want to add XC and a little snowshoeing
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    Winter: Skiing, Volleyball (indoor)

    Rest of year: Volleyball (in and outdoor), Fishing (mostly trying to figure out flycasting), occasional trail run, rarer and rarer kayaking... Maybe get back into tennis a little.
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    Shouts of joy skiing fast through the woods"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctenidae View Post
    Skiing, beer drinking, sailing, bourbon drinking.

    And beer and bourbon drinking.
    I like the way you think!

    Depending upon my knee and back cooperating (as well as time and childcare):

    *downhill skiing
    *mountain biking
    *road biking (now with a road bike!)

    I am looking forward to the road biking. And I desperately want to get back into running, but I think I need to do a bit biking first as PT for my knee.
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    naked volley ball. i'll post some pics later

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    forget it. some things are better left to the imagination

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    Too far south, MA
    Winter - Skiing (of the freeheal variety exclusively now)

    Spring/Summer/Fall - Triathlons - mostly sprint races, but did an olympic distance last year for the first time, so will probably continue with that. Going to try and do 4-5 races this summer So tri training involves some raod bike time, running and some swimming. I've also got a shinny new cannondale mountain bike that's only seen 1 ride (2 small kids at home). Also run in the occasional 5k and would like to do a 10k this summer.

    I do enjoy just about every other kind of outdoor activity including hiking, backpacking, golf, softball, climbing (rock and ice), snow shoeing, etc. Mostly comes down to the family schedule as to what I'm actually able to get out and do.

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    Winter: Skiing
    Spring/Summer/Fall: Golf, Boating (Fishing & Waterskiing)

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    In the winter its only skiing. I am thinking about getting an AT setup for net season to round me out a little better. During the rest of the year I split my time between the golf course and the boat and throw in some tennis and hiking here and there.

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