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Advice on Ski Trip with 11 year old son out West


Active member
Sep 1, 2012
Wash DC area
Many good suggestions made in response to OPs question. I guess I'd just price it out. SLC vs. Denver are probably going to be your two most affordable airport gateways. Personally, unless you find a really great deal on 4wd, I'd go with a cheap economy rental car and if you happen to catch a big storm (unlikely), then buy some $50 chains. If you choose Denver/Colorado getting a four pack of lift tickets at Loveland ski area for each of you is an affordable possibility at $169. Loveland has a lot of fine intermediate terrain and can be uncrowded on regular weekdays. You could stay in a motel in Georgetown, CO or Comfort Suites Golden West on Evergreen Parkway and possibly add a day at Copper Mtn or Arapahoe Basin using Liftopia.


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Jan 18, 2006
Brooklyn, CT
Go to Park City.... 2 big ski areas right there. A year round, weather permitting mountain coaster at the base of the Park City side of the Park City resort. The sights of the Olympic ski jumping and bobsled complex in Kimball Junction (the town you get off I-80 at before driving the couple of miles up into Park City proper), the opening in November of this year Woodward Park City complex just a mile or 2 from the Jumping/Bobsled complex.

Just plenty of things, in close proximity, to keep an 11 year old (and an 11 year old's parents ;) ) entertained when the lifts aren't spinning or if the legs need a day off