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Assos iG.falkenZahn Vest

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Jun 3, 2008
Assos iG.falkenZahn Vest


How do you improve upon perfection? We imagine that Assos wrestles with this question every time it starts to design a new product. However, where Assos differs from others is that it's able to fall back on its Werksmannschaft (factory team) and dedicated equipe campionissimo riders (you're probably one of them) for inspiration when it gets an artistic block. And for this year, that's exactly what Assos did. Listening to constant feedback, Assos designed the finest gilet in its history with the iG.falkenZahn Vest.
Don't let the name fool you, this gilet has nothing to do with either falcons or teeth " we're using the literal translation, here. Instead, the iG.falkenZahn vest is the latest delivery from the Assos Werksmannschaft. What's this? Without getting lost in translation again, it's the Assos factory team. The rider development arm of Assos since 1978, the Werksmannschaft rides through real world conditions every day in order to develop apparel to meet the needs, concepts, and designs of the 'Assosnatic' cyclist. This year, its initiative was to create a new layer of versatility for the Assos Layering System (ALS). So, how does it work?
Starting with the construction, the falkenZahn has six fabrics strategically placed throughout the gilet, with the bulk of construction being comprised of the exclusive Assos RXQ material. This fabric features a dual-layer composition where the outer-layer appears fleecy, and the inner-layer is razor thin. Assos considers this final layer to be a 'transportation' textile with the dual purpose of moving moisture away from the skin and insulating. The concept operates on a push-pull methodology, where sweat is pushed away while warmth is pulled in closer to the body. However, none of this could take place without RXQ's hollow-fiber construction. The open cells perform all of the aforementioned, only at an accelerated pace. Additionally, the material has natural antibacterial properties. Altogether, the system is highly effective at maintaining your 'internal microClima,' or more simply put, your temperature inside the vest.
For the fit, Assos delivered in typical Assos fashion " perfection. The falkenZahn uses 17 separate patterns to provide its signature second-skin fit. Combining what Assos calls its Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design (AEPD) racing cut with its cycling-specific body-mapping pattern design, the falkenZahn benefits from the most thought-out designing process in the business. Assos is the first to tell you that high-end materials mean nothing if the cut is bad. That's why it's spent a maddening amount of time on two points of study " how the body is shaped, and how it changes throughout the movements of cycling. Accordingly, the AEPD cut is made for the shape of cycling, not standing (just a little something to remember when you try it on). With the falkenZahn, the cut greets the contours of your body and adds a slight compression to aid in muscle recovery and stabilization. It's worth noting that AEPD achieves this without adding a sensation of pressure. The characteristics of AEPD, combined with falkenZahn's rear stabilizer panel, literally make the vest 'click' into place for the ultimate in cycling fit.
For storage, Assos provided three ample rear pockets with a zippered center pocket. The zip pocket has also been given a membrane casing for added water-resistance. Other features of the falkenZahn include a windproof collar and a full-length zipper with upper-flap protection.
The Assos iG.falkenZahn Vest is available in seven sizes from X-Small to TIR and in the colors Black Volkanga, Blue Calypso, Red Swiss, Yellow Volt, and White Panther. Please note that this vest falls under an all-year-round ClimaRange. This means that it's able to be added to all Assos products in order to enhance your ride experience.

Price: $186.99 (39% Off!)
Regularly: $308.95

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