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AZ Giveaway - (2) Lift Passes for Smuggler's Notch - Contest Ends 11/20/2013


New member
Mar 8, 2007
Add me to the list of; never been there can't wait peeps ;-)

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New member
Dec 5, 2012
cant wait to get out there!

Up for grabs are (2) lift pass vouchers to Smugglers Notch which will be given to (2) randomly selected winners.

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How to enter:
You must reply to this thread to be considered an entrant. You only need to post once; multiple entries will not increase your chances of winning. The number of entries you get is a combination of several criteria:

  • Replying in this thread earns you (1) entry to win

  • For every 500 posts you have, you earn (1) additional entry to win
  • For every 1 year you have been a member on the forum (at the close of the contest), you earn (1) additional entry to win

Example:You have been a member on AlpineZone since 11/1/2007 and have 3200 posts. You have a total of (6) entries for time as a member, (6) entries for post count, and (1) entry for replying in this thread, for a total of 13 entries.

The contest will run from starting immediately (11/14/2013) and no more entries will be counted after 5:00PM EST on Wednesday, 11/20/2013.

Other Rules
Sorry, moderators and admins can't enter.

We will go through all the entries and draw two winners at random from the pool of tickets within a week of the close of the contest. We will notify the winner in a new thread and notify via PM as well, and then ship it out

Wait, what can I win exactly?
A lift ticket voucher for Smuggler's Notch!

Good luck!