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Burke 3/29/2014


New member
Sep 21, 2004
South of Boston, Burke Mt VT
It's a catch-22. If the Mid-Burke HSQ was put where the Willoughby quad was located, you would still have those nasty runouts from the east side. It's also easier to get to the East Bowl from the location of the new HSQ.

What's so frustrating with the connection between the Sherburne Express and the Mid-Burke HSQ is that they are so close to being an easy connection. If that snowmaking pond was not there it would be no big deal. If Burke wants to make the Sherburne lodge the main lodge, the really need to figure something better out.

I also take the path through the trees, and it's usually not too bad - but in spring conditions the problem stuck out like a sore thumb.

My other pet peeve are the people (including racers) who leave their skis lying on the ground in front of the Mid Burke lodge. To avoid skating from the trails on the east side of the mountain, you need to cut as close to the lodge as possible. I don't get wound up if skis are left on the ground in an out of the way place, but to put them smack dab in the middle of where people want to ski is a jerk move. A couple of times this week I had to make a left turn around those skis before the right turn to the Mid-Burke HSQ.

As nostalgic as people are for the Mid-Burke Lodge, I have a feeling that if it was removed they could make much better connections from the east side trails to the Mid-Burke HSQ. I also wish that they dug down a little bit when putting in the base of the Mid-Burke HSQ. A few more feet lower would have made a lot of difference.

What Burke really needs, IMHO, is a lift servicing the east side. It's hard to justify when there are no lines for the existing lifts, but as someone who likes to ski the East Bowl trail, I would love to see something over on that side of the mountain.

as you approach mid Burke from lower Dipper, just cut a little to the left and go up the little knoll (almost in front of the Bear Den) and then down the other side and you should easily get around all of the skis on the snow on the way to the mid Burke Express. And there is only one more season that the mid burke lodge will be in the way.