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Cannon 2/4/17


Jan 26, 2013
Medford MA & Grantham NH
Skied Cannon today from 8:30 to 1 PM. Conditions were packed powder with some loose granular, some ice here and there with some hard pack under the snow where you would expect it as the day went on. That being said great coverage and snow conditions were really enjoyable. Weather was overcast with occasional light wind, around 10 degrees to start. Trails were never crowded and lift lines were reasonable. There was a good crowd though and the lodge was packed.

The upper mountain skied nice. Vista was groomed which was both nice and a little disappointing at the same time. Front area was good as well. I was solo today so I only poked into two of the more low key glades. Coverage was good and will be a great base for more snow to build up on.

Cannon 2-17.jpg