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Cheapest way to ski at Mt. Sunapee on a Saturday?


Staff member
Mar 6, 2005
Southeast NH
Not super relevant, but Gunstock skied like an absolute dream today, way better than I expected. They left quite a bit ungroomed. I imagine they’ll sell out all weekend with the new snow, but they keep ticket sales in check. I forgot what skiing snow felt like. I cannot wait for Utah in 10 days, I need it bad.

Big fan of how Gunstock manages their capacity. Even on sellout days, it's totally manageable. Really only the Panorama and Penny get significant lines and those certainly aren't as bad as Sunapee.

Only complaint when it's that busy really are the bathrooms. They could desperately use about a dozen more men's and women's toilets between the two lodges when they're that busy.

New Daddy

Jan 4, 2008
I disagree with that as a Gunstock pass holder. I think they've done a good job when they've had the weather. They had more terrain to offer than Sunapee during Christmas week as an example. They have very few snowmaking trails left to get open.

I'm a former long time Peak / Epic pass holder. For me, my 7 and 4 year olds, the combination of Gunstock plus Indy has been a very positive experience compared to Epic. I may in the future go to Gunstock plus iKon to mix it up. Or maybe add a few Epic day passes for their NH properties. Zero chance I go back to Epic full time unless I see a vastly improved snowmaking effort by Vail and a greater effort to limit crowds. Gunstock has been better with both those attributes the past two years.
Ok, my only reference point is Gunstock 21/22, not Sunapee 22/23.
Gunstock opened Stonebar, Lower Flintlock, and Phelps only last week. Upper Flintlock was still roped off last weekend.
With what went on with the Gunstock management this past summer, I just assumed their operation had not fully recovered.
If Gunstock still did a better job than Sunapee, that says a lot.

I'll do more research on Epic pass and Vail's reputation.
Last time I was in Vail - more than a decade ago -, I had a blast.
My family also used to go to Okemo quite frequently when our kids were small and didn't have an issue with the way Okemo was run.
Things must have changed a lot.


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Jan 27, 2012
Lack of snowmaking this year has happened everywhere in the east. The fault lies with the weather, it's quite difficult to make snow when it's raining.