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Demo'd: Dynastar 6th Sense Slicer skis

The Sneak

Sep 21, 2006
This past weekend, I rented 169cm Dynastar 6th sense slicer skis for 2 days at Beaver Creek, CO. I normally ski on 08 Line Prophet 90s in 172 cm, and I was looking to try something different.

The folks at the rental shop felt these would be a really good all mountain option. Sidenote: I saw very few twin tip midfat skis at Beaver Creek. Lots of 68-78mm carving skis though.

In crud and the bumps, these were really good. They felt light, springy, and easy to turn. If anything held me back there it was my legs being tired.

BC had no new snow to speak of. A little over a foot had fallen in the 7 or so days leading up to the weekend. The groomers were very firm and even bulletproof boilerplate in places. It was here that I thought - frankly- these skis sucked. They wanted to slide out from under me all over the place. I don't know if its the rocker design, the stiffness of the ski, or possibly the tuning/edges, but I am confident my P90s would have been better....how much so though I'm not sure.

I think with better conditions, my experience might have been different. They were stable and fast on the softer groomers. But they did not handle the boilerplate cough hardpack well IMO.

Curious if anyone else has tried these out, esp in similar conditions.