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Diamondback Micro Viper Kids' Bike - 2014

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Jun 3, 2008
Diamondback Micro Viper Kids' Bike - 2014


What we love about Diamondback is that it takes its entire lineup very seriously, with as much respect for its pro athletes as for the newest little riders who are hitting the pedals for the first time. Case in point: the Diamondback Micro Viper Kid's Bike, ready to roll with or without training wheels, to help your grommiest of groms keep up on the bike paths or the streets and trails of your neighborhood.
Your first clue that DB doesn't skimp on the kid's stuff is the Micro Viper's frame. Straight-gauge, hi-tensile steel tubing is very durable without being too heavy, and the little frame's welds and lines are as clean as full-price adult steel bikes. It's wonderful attention-to-detail. The bright unisex graphics indicate this, too. And then there are the high-quality parts. The alloy rims of the 12-inch wheelset are made of the same material and construction as some of its mid-range full-size bikes, and the handlebars, seatpost, saddle, and other parts are all designed for adjustability to ensure young riders are comfortable enough to want to get out there and ride again and again.
The Diamondback Micro Viper Kid's Bike comes in one color and one size only. The included training wheels are height adjustable, to gradually train balance, and they're also removable entirely. Please note that the bike comes almost fully built but needs some minor assembly and tuning out of the box, so we strongly recommend visiting a trusted local bike shop to give it a once-over before riding.

Price: $74.99 (46% Off!)
Regularly: $139.95

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