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Jiminy Peak - 7/28/2012


New member
Jul 27, 2012
Jiminy Peak, MA
This hike totals about 3 miles and has an ascent/decent of 1000' vertical feet per my Garmin GPS The time can be from 2 hrs 30 min at a leisure pace to 1 hr 44 min or less if you can hike it fast.

I began the hike from the base area walking up Grouse Run to Left Bank with a 200' or so diversion hiking the stream rocks to the right of Hot Wheels Glades. This added some challenge to an otherwise relatively easy hike. I continued up left bank when the rain began an hour ahead of the NWS predicted time. Turn back? no way! I expected the rain, so it was not bothersome. Wearing all clothing that wicks moisture kept me comfortable without rain gear.

The terrain is not very steep; the trails are rated Green for skiing. Since there is a work road for the entire length of the hike, the trail is smooth with the best footing on either side where there is some short grass.

I stopped briefly to talk to the lift operator who offered a ride down on the chairlift, but I declined; I came to hike damnit! My PB&J tasted pretty good under the shelter of the Patrol Shack porch roof. The rain was falling with some intensity when I began the trek down.

My usual route down West Way to Grand Slam was smooth and steady. The rain let up, and was actually refreshing. I expected to have more muscle fatigue being a weekend warrior, but my legs felt good. This was only my second hike so far this Summer. I'm looking forward to more.


Staff member
Nov 12, 2010
Bradenton, FL
Nice report, thanks! I've never been to Jiminy to hike or ski. Share pics if you have some!

Something to be said for the rain as long as you are prepped for it. It can be beautiful as well.