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Loon - 2/19/18


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Nov 18, 2008
Saw some advice in another thread that people should go to Loon instead of Cannon. ;) Since I'm somewhat susceptible to suggestion, off I went to Loon today. Turned out to be pretty good advice. The snow was generally nice, and the crest of the holiday passed yesterday, so it wasn't super crowded either.

I spent most of the morning in the North Peak and East Basin pods. What crowds there were stuck to the blue trails, so most the the lifts serving diamonds were ski on. I popped over to South Peak at one point, but that was kind of sucky for some reason with lots of scrapey snow, so perhaps they mistimed the grooming on that last night. Later in the day when the crowds left I moved down and skied the trails off the Kancamagus, and the snow there was much softer and warmed by the 40 degree temps.

Didn't venture into any woods as what limited glades they have seemed to be roped off. From the lifts the trees looked fairly do-able, but maybe it was a little icy in there.

Had the usual sightings of kids doing Looney things at Loon. Saw some kid high speed side slipping all the way down Flume. Other kids turned themselves into high speed missles while sitting on their skis and threading through slower traffic. And of course the ever popular power pizza down every black trail was a common sight. Why do they do it? That's the Loon way, I guess. Didn't see any bad crashes, so safety was clearly high on everyone's mind.

Really good weather overall, very mild, no wind, and pleasant sun till late in the day. Around 4pm when the lifts stopped spinning it started to sprinkle a little, and I drove home in light rain. Let the melting commence.


Apr 8, 2014
We visited loon too - very impressed

We were there too this weekend and was impressed, though have to wonder why it does not have more glades. Not that glades mattered anyway - as the NE needs a huge amount of snow again to ski in the woods.