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Pico 12/21/2014


Active member
Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado

Conditions: Mostly PP on firm, powder stashes here and there and lots of carve-able white goodness!

Trip Report:

After a great day at Cannon, Pico served up it's own great day! While it snowed most of the way there and roads got a little slippery we got there with no problem but 30 minutes later than expected. It ended up snowing most of the day but the snow really did not accumulate to much. In any case, We were skiing using our RSNE cards where every Sunday is a 2 fer day and we shared it with friends from NY - also ran into friends from NH.

We started of by heading straight to the summit via Golden and Summit Chairs (obviously) and skied down Forty Niner. Light was flat the whole day so for some of the people skiing with us the various dips and bumps would catch them off guard while my family found it to be playful. The people we were skiing with were blue trails skiers which is fine since we were there to have fun with everyone. We then headed to the base and lapped Golden Express taking various paths down. Effectively, everything was in play and had great coverage. when the kids wanted to go to the Waffle Cabin, my wife and I head up Little Pico Triple - I headed down B Slope whcih is normally a racing run but not yet. there were huge whales on that trail but on one of them the backside dropped out and I went flying with too much speed and blew up! My wife took the conservative way back and I met her at the base. Took one more run to the summit and went in to catch some of the game while we ate. BTW food is very limited there.

After luch we all headed to the summit to lap the summit chair. We spread out and met each time at the loading area. In another report for Cannon yesterday, my wife was saying how she did not like bumps. I keep telling her it is important to ski them and get better so she can get out of most situations. Well while o headed down Upper KA on purpose, she led a group down Summit Glades which is a narrow trail but was bumped out. My wife skied it with out a fall others she was with not so good! The next run I went through there and it is fun narrow trail. Upper KA was actually more challenging due to the lack of rhythm and changes in size of the bumps but was really fun to ski. I also took a run down Upper Pike which was pretty scraped off but Mid Pike was perfect with playful powder off to the sides.

We ended our day by lapping Outpost Chair with runs on Pipeline and Bronco - the wife was skiing them with me again! We actually were heading down Sidewinder but the headwall in there was too much for my wife and I led her to Pipeline. Bronco had really nice cover. Upper section of Pipeline was a little scratchy but otherwise in good shape. Doozie looked nice and my son liked it but the entrance was a scraped away. My son and another kid took a few runs while we called it a day and watch the rest of the Patriots-Jets game - nail biter!

It was another great day and for the second time I had lots of fun at Pico. We had two great days - sad to think that beyond Christmas Eve things will be very different!

Ever have a chairlift stop right here! it did for us for like 5 minutes!




St. Bear

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Dec 22, 2008
Washington, NJ
I was there as well. It was my first time to Pico and I was very impressed. Wall to wall coverage, firm but carvable bumps and woods everywhere. Solid mid winter conditions.


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