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Saddleback - 1/5/2012


Jan 10, 2007
Southern Coastal Maine
Date(s) Skied: January 5, 2013

Resort or Ski Area: Saddleback

Conditions: Wind Blown, Packed Powder, Powder

Trip Report: Saddleback was nice on Saturday (Jan 5). The cover they have on the trails is outstanding. They got a couple of inches of snow the previous night. It was windy, but there was some nice soft turns on skiers left of trails and the woods were spot-on... just enough snow to make them a lot of fun.

Best news of the day was that the head walls of Governor, Wardens Worry, Frostbite and Black Beauty were LOCKED IN with snow. They were wind blown and the snow was very stiff, but it was not going anywhere setting them up very nicely for the next snow dump. I don't think this ever happened last year.

More info and a couple of pics on my blog.