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Ski Waxing - Can you judge when it's "right" by touch??


Active member
Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado
I use a brass brush before waxing the wipe wax dust off. Next I use a cleaning solution to remove other oils. One everything is prepped I rub the wax one then iron (uses less wax) followed by scraping plenty. Now I use a nylon brush, remove wax dust with a soft cloth followed by a horsehair brush. Prior to base prep I use a 6 way edge and bevel filing tool.

One note: I have waxes for different temps. I thought this was a bunch of bunk but they really make a difference. Since temps can change over night I often do a mini tune to put the best wax on.

So far everything has worked out perfectly!

On my sons snowboard I brush a Christmas tree like pattern center to the side pointing in the forward direction.

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