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Smugglers Notch 02/04/2017


Mar 29, 2015
Rhode Island
Went to Smuggs on Superbowl Weekend last time the Pats were in the big game...had to do it again. Got out there at 8:45 and we were on our last lift at 3:45 going up Sterling. Open trails started out nicely groomed and packed but they got a bit hard as the day went on; never skiied em by choice, only to connect patches of woods. And the Goods Were In The Woods. Doc Dempsey's > Bermuda was a good run over Madonna way, Highlander was in great shape, and there were some choice woods deep in to skiier's right of Smugglers Alley. Tons of other good front side woods

But the main event were the Birthday Bowls. So much good stuff to be found out there. We did two Bday bowl runs that day and both were spectacular. The first one we didn't hike to and ended up dropping in where most people do; where it's skiied out, tight, and steep as hell. Second birthday bowl run we did as our last run of the day, and it was one of the runs of our lives. We took the hike up from the pond behind Sterling pretty far this time. It was a more realistic approach dropping in; singletrack but plenty of snow at first, then it opened up into serious freshness from everything that fell over the week.

I love the feeling of ending the day at Smuggs by riding the notchside of Sterling into the birthday bowls, skiing 108 back to the parking lot and making that final walk back to the car. No matter how cold, or sweaty, or energized, or burned out you feel, it's the most satisfying way to end a day. And a Patriots Superbowl victory is the most satisfying way to end a weekend like that! What a blast