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Stowe 3-10,3-11 powder


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Dec 30, 2005
Stamford Ct and Stowe
Drove up Friday night to get the 7:30 chair Saturday. Huge lines for what turned out to be dust on crust for most places. Had a tough time on that with the big skis so that wasn't ideal. Then around 1 it started to snow..and never stopped. It got OK around 2 but the ice moguls where still in play, that changed around 3 when coverage was better. Skiing with the wife so it was slow at times unless we split off. Stopped around 4 and went into town. First night in the condo..cool.
Woke up to a reported foot and I knew the zoo would arrive. Headed out and the road up was filling up...this would be good.
The lines at the quad got real big real fast..and off we go. Hit everything possible throughout the day. It was still pounding and would until we left. Storm skiing at its finest. Sugar snow..not that heavy crap we all..don't really like. You could blow through this stuff at whatever speed you wanted. Had to split off from Mrs Slug but would meet at the chair. She was feeling better so handled it pretty well. I'll make a powder skier out of her yet!!. And..The Goat is open. The top looked brutal so I skipped that. The middle and lower where covered with some rocks poking through..perfect. and devoid of people. Hit all the usual suspects and went in for some food at 11 before it got busy. Ate at the top of the gondi. Then everyone dissapeared, no lines at the gondi or quad..hmm. Now off to do some gondi runs. Chinclip was mogul city with everyone jumping in..crowded. Hit the rest of the runs and then a freezing mist and fog took over. My goggles where already screwed with a cracked lens so I had been skiing with them off all day..thats fun. Now my eyes where freezing and no vis. Called it at 1 totaly spent and not wanting to be part of the yard sales going on everywhere. The entire place was moguls as the snow firmed up. Mrs Slug did very well, no falls and good form throughout the day. With a 5 hour ride back it was a good call as it became survival skiing the last run.
All in all one of the better days I've had there. Even though I threw out 2 tix to Mt Snow that I bought on liftopia after skating around Saturday. Heard they got an inch..we got at least 14. So I don't mind the money.
Will post pics when I have time but vis wasn't good. With more snow on the way this might last ..until April with a good spring until???