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Wachusett 11/27


Jan 18, 2010
Resort or Ski Area
Dec 27, 2020
Pulled in around 12:30 pm and spent much of the day in Ollie's area helping the girlfriend learn how to ski. Thankfully the area had good coverage and while she was doing well in that area, she wasn't ready to move onto anywhere else. She then wanted to soak in the sights so I decided to take some runs on my own. Ended up being a great day to do just that as both Ralph's and Conifer were both a narrow trail and had thin cover in many areas with icy spots around 4:30 pm, even moreso with Conifer. I do give Wachusett quite a bit of credit for opening up this weekend and offering an outdoor activity, but they will need a good stretch of snowmaking temps to keep open after this weekend.
Ended up going to O'Briens to have a bite to eat after I was done around 6 pm. The menu is very pared down from their usual offerings, but I know they are trying to use a small space to keep people out of the lodge.