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Want to sell hotel room in Mount Snow for this weekend


New member
Mar 9, 2022
I am going up to Mount Snow, VT, for the first time this weekend with my family. We have a room booked at the grand summit hotel, but now have another option through a friend that we would like to take. We tried to cancel but weren’t able to. So we wanted to see if we can sell this opportunity. It’s $500 or nearest offer. I guess if we don’t get a good offer we will just take the room so that the money isn’t wasted. It’s a room with two queen beds. The booking was part of a broader booking for a group meet-up. Please let me knowj if you are interested.

Apologies if this isn’t the right forum for this post. I wasn’t sure where was the best place to share this offer.

Thank you all, and enjoy the snow!