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Whaleback 1/19


Well-known member
Jan 30, 2006
Right where I want to be
Went to the Whale for a few hours (9-noon)this AM. Got there first thing. They had gotten about 3 inches over night. It was snowing and it did the whole time we were there. Bought our $15 Sunday morning ticket and a way we went. The snow was very soft talcum powder like for the first 4 runs then it started to get slightly scrapped of in the middle but the edges were still nice. Got in 12 runs. Fun short day.


Active member
Nov 26, 2007
Seacoast NH
I was there on Saturday...thanks soxfan2/Jen for hooking us up with the $20 tickets and very nice to meet you up on the hill! Your passion for Whaleback and its continued success is evident. The skiing community who enjoys this gem appreciates everything you guys are doing up there.
Saturday was scratchy on the 2 routes---mix of ice/hardpack and some light LSGR could be found in spots on the sides. Race training/Core team on Whaleback/Spout made that run probably slightly worse on Sat than Dorsal/Scrimshaw. We had a great time though even given the tough conditions.
Lots of progress happening over at the Whale...new deck being worked on when we were there, that looks to be ready fairly soon I'd guess. The kitchen area has been re-vamped...the turkey burgers we had were awesome. One of the perks of cafeteria food for the smaller mtns is everything is made to order...the little guys can't justify making food in advance and have it not get sold. I've found this w/ Magic and Whaleback that the food is fresher/and prepared with more care given the single piece order vs pumping out 50 hamburgers in 20 mins or whatever.

3 new fan guns set up along the bottom half the The Face looked ready to go---old ground guns also hooked up on the upper section. Hopefully they get the Face open soon---great run and folks on the highway need to see that run open IMHO.

My wife was up there yesterday with her brother and she said it was excellent skiing. The snow squalls they got throughout the AM made for a nice top coating that apparently hid a lot of the ice/hardpack I had on Saturday.