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Which of these is like the other?


Active member
Mar 16, 2003
Bryant Pond, Maine
I am certain everyone here needs my opinion on Pico verses Killington (LOL!!!).

Years back, if I drove the 3 hours (or more) out to Killington, I was skiing Killington. I typically went weekends, but once was mid week. What a huge difference, mid week at K was awesome. Then one day, for no particular reason, we decided to ski Pico in the weekend. It was almost like skiing K on a mid week day, crowd wise. The lines were short and wait times were nice and short. Trails were uncrowded and they had character. Curves and turns, rises and head walls, trees nearby as the trails were smaller. Just a much more pleasant experience. And plenty of challenge and fun.

Ever since my first trip to Pico, I have not been back to Killington. I just like Pico so much better. I haven't been for a few years now, as I live near the River and have a season pass there, and they do a great job getting open early and blow tons of snow, so I get lazy about traveling. But, it is on my short list to visit when I go traveling.