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    No Celtics thread

    I take a month off and this is what I come back to.

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    After the lockout, I boycotted the entire regular season. I've been watching them in the playoffs. After Pierce, Allen, Garnett, and Rondo, I didn't know the players. I should get a pink hat to watch them.

    With the injuries to the Bulls and Heat, the Celtics might luck out and end up in the NBA finals.

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    Definitely enjoying the run. Gotta admit, I was in favor of blowing the team up at the trade deadline. Guess that's why Ainge is the GM and not me.

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    No celtics thread, the C's keep on winning (most of the time). Gotta keep the superstition side of it going you know!
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    I think the Celtics have a great shot of going to the finals, but I think who ever wins the spurs/thunder series is going to handle the east champion quite easily.(as seems to be the common prediction) It has been fun though to watch KG back in good form.

    Still worried about the future going forward, maybe they have a shot at Howard? doubt it though

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    Ainge was smart in how he set up the contracts at the start of the Big 3 era, such that cap space would open up for a quick rebuild once their contracts expired.

    The problem is, no star free agent has ever come to Boston. Unless they make a trade or get lucky in the draft in the next couple of seasons, it could very easily mean another prolonged period of irrelevance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soposkier View Post
    Still worried about the future going forward, maybe they have a shot at Howard? doubt it though
    Why would anyone want that d-bag on their team? I don't care how good he is, he's nothing but a problem. I don't even follow basketball, and I couldn't avoid hearing all the crap about him wanting to be traded, NOT wanting to be traded, trying to get his coach fired, NOT trying to get his coach fired, etc. It was never about anything on the court, it was always off-the-court baloney. He needs to go to "Shut Up and Put On Your Big Boy Pants" school. Frickin cry-baby.

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    I'm not big into basketball really so .... sorry
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    I honestly didn't think the Celtics would bring the series back to 2-2. I figured that losing that OT game in Miami was the end.

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    Random thoughts: Red's ghost swatted away Wade's last second three. Nice to see Allen's shooting touch return. Rondo is a beast The Celtics have a bench. In other news, LeBron fouls out for the first time in his playoff career? What's happening to the refs? Didn't they get the memo? Whoever wins Game 5 takes it all.
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