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    Quote Originally Posted by SUV Steve View Post
    '09 Nordica Afterburner 178

    Might be in the market for an older (read: cheap) 70mm ski around 15 meters, stiff, like a Nord SUV14. 170-ish
    Just picked up an 05? 06? Dobermann RC Pro 170. These should slay that ice! Quiver, w00t

    insert non-sequitur here

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    volkl ac3
    atomic sugar daddy

    rossi powderbirds w/ hammerhead
    line elizabeth w/ hammerhead

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    From left to right, some random ski's I bought from a rental shop for rock ski's, the massive K2 Pontoon's, and the Bent Gate Tele ski's. Notably absent were my Salomon Foil 1080's which went MIA last season
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    Bought myself some new Nordica Cruise NF5's. 90 give. These boots should last a few years.
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    Re: What skis/snowboards do you hold in your quiver?

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    Line prophet 90s
    fischer progressor 9s
    Rossi S7 (bought these after JP uber dump feb 2012)
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    What skis/snowboards do you hold in your quiver?

    Atomic Theory -186
    Elan Gsx - 182

    Haven't had the Elans out in quite some time..

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    What skis/snowboards do you hold in your quiver?

    Park setup - k2 park star
    All mountain hybrid camber - ride dh2
    All mountain camber - ride society

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    What skis/snowboards do you hold in your quiver?

    Quote Originally Posted by Skimaine View Post
    Volkl Bridge - Soft snow
    Volkl AC3 - Rock skis
    TBD - Hard snow (maybe Blizzard Magnum 8.0 TI)
    Pulled the trigger on the Blizzard Magnum 8.0 ti.

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    Left to right..

    Burton Canyon 162. Stiff board perfect for long powder runs. Bought it at a garage sale for30 bucks. My son is a lot bigger and taller than me so that is his powder board.

    Flow Merc 156. This is a hybrid I use this as a powder board. The Camber/Rocker combination makes turning easy.

    Flow Merc 153. Same board just smaller. Used primarily for glades and groomer days. My everyday board.

    Element dbx 149. Standard Camber, great for glades because it is short. Nice park board if I wanted one lol. I used this primarily out west when I did some BC. Its small enough to strap on my back but really isnt the best for powder in those conditions..

    When I skied I ran k2 160's. I really like that line..

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