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    Quote Originally Posted by wa-loaf View Post
    Pulling the trigger on some Soul 7s this weekend!
    Nice. What size?

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    Rossi Soul 7 w/ Marker F12 (188 ) FOR SALE!
    Stockli Stormrider w/ Look PX 12 (177)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
    Nice. What size?

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    Going with the 188. Never had trouble in the trees with the 186 Wateas and these are so much lighter and have a shorter running length. Evo.com has last years Marker Griffons on sale for $150 so I grabbed a pair to use here.
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    I have to admit that I'm fingering the trigger for the Experience 88's. Beautiful all mountain skis: http://www.rossignol.com/US/US/exper...-men-skis.html

    These guys cost a pretty penny, but if I can nab a deal I'll add these in an instant.
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    burton custom with drake podium
    ride kink with drake podium
    burton hero with burton cartel
    ride dh2 with burton p1.1
    salomon scream 10 pilot with s912ti

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    hmm...... skis in my quiver;

    Dynastar twister with green white splash paint graphics, dead as doornail with a bent tip, been my rock skis for too long

    Dynastar twister with retro graphic, maybe my next rock ski

    Dynastar twister japanese 6th sense graphic, just got them mounted with z12 bindings, lightest setup I have.

    Around these neck of the woods, still don't know why going fat is in
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    Quote Originally Posted by jack97 View Post

    Around these neck of the woods, still don't know why going fat is in
    Because going long is passe' & No one is skiing 200cm skis anymore.

    I have a Nordica Supercharger setup with good bindings. At 98mm underfoot it is my go to ski on all but the firmest of days.
    I have a Sollaman X-Scream with those fancy torsion bar things with decent bindings that is my rock ski.

    And at the end of last season I picked up a K2 xtm to replace the PE that I broke although this was not the ski I had hoped it was at less the 100$ I couldn't pass it up...

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    Rock Skis....Rossi CX80's
    All Mtn Nordica Firearrow 84 EDT's
    Nordica SL World Cup skis
    Nordica GS World Cup Skis.....Vroom Vroom!!!

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    2009 Line Prophet 90 / griffons 172cm
    2013 Line Prophet 90 / griffons 172cm < -- the new version with tip rocker etc. I bought them as last season's leftovers, got a great deal. Bindings being mounted this week. A little concerned after reading they are not as stiff as the orig version.

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    2013 Dynastar Cham 97 184 - demoed at saddleback on my last day of the season and made the purchase
    2008 Scott Mission 183 - rock skis
    Rossignol Rebel 177 - keep these around just in case

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