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    Quote Originally Posted by Pez View Post
    I love taking skyeship all the way from 100. Such a fun ride for some reason.
    It's the #1 most accessible lift from the lodge and shaves 10 minutes off your commute, avoiding several hard miles on the vehicle. So, sit in a gondola on the way up for 10 minutes instead? That's actually a pretty great option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post
    The SkyeShip was a pretty epic project under ASC. What did you find tired and old about it? Moves along at a decent clip... seats people... retro art. Each cabin actually had a different artist design the original art for it. So not something to just throw away any time soon IMO.

    They used to be heated so perhaps the old venting on the floor looks out of place?
    The SkyeShip pre-dated ASC, still SKI when it was installed and Preston Smith still at the helm. I seem to recall many lambasted it at the time for not continuing all the way to Killington Peak like it's predecessor did. I still wish the would make Valley Plunge. It's the first trail you see driving in on 4 from the East and hate seeing it bare.

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    I stand corrected... remember seeing a documentary about it last season but missed that detail

    Remember parking at Sunrise base when I was a kid. Now it's a snowmobile tour area. I spent about a decade out of New England... talk about being confused when I came back.

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    Skyeship is a great lodge setup if you just need the basics. But it seems like the Skyeship lift is one of Powdr's last priorities, remember they tried closing stage one on weekdays the first year of ownership. The cabins are the same as K1's, the grips might be the same as well. So I would expect Powdr to just combine the 2 cabin fleets, they should have plenty of space to store them all at Nortbrook station, to get many more years out of Skyeship without replacing its cabins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceo View Post
    Surprised they're not replacing the cabins on the Skyeship. I was there yesterday for the first time in 20 years and thought it seemed much older and tireder than K-1.
    K-1 operates way more hours a year (much longer ski season operations, summer operations, etc). Mechanically, those cabins have a lot more abuse on them.

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    Except it is from rt 4, not 100. 100 was where the sunrise base was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiur View Post
    Except it is from rt 4, not 100. 100 was where the sunrise base was.
    It's both 4 and 100 at the Skyeship.

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    It's a lovely lift (and I too wish they'd built it to the summit like the old gondola), but the cabins just seemed really worn and rattly.

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    Sunrise base was on 100.Skyship is on both 100 and 4.

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