$50 to mount a binding?? Is it excessive?


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    $50 to mount a binding?? Is it excessive?

    So I've got a new pair of skis and bindings that are an integrated system.

    Essentially, the bindings slide over the brackets and get attached with screws to the bracket. The screws (come with bindings) go into pre-set holes - no drilling required. Then, set the tension of the springs according to the weight/age/skier type, do a binding check - also a standard procedure.
    The whole task should take no more than 10 minutes.
    Charge: 50 effing bucks at the Ski Market - Boston, Commonwealth ave!

    I think that's a rip off. It's a simple, quick procedure. I was actually thinking about doing myself, but really was not sure about the proper boot placement and I really wanted to ski this Saturday, so I agreed.
    So, of course, I'm willing to pay for a trained tech's time, but at the rate of $50 per 10 minutes work, that really gets me.

    No, the ski/ binding was not bought in the store, so sure, I expect to pay, but still...

    So, I'm wondering, is that a going rate in other places for attaching a binding or did I get ripped off?
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    On my last pair of skis (also with integrated binding system, I got them installed for $20, but that store went out of business...makes ya wonder.

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    That's the norm..I've even seen $75..but alot of ski shops include the mounting if you buy the binding there. If you bought the skis/bindings online, I can see why they charge that much.

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    I paid $75 to have online-purchased bindings mounted on skis last year.
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    I just had bindings mounted on skis I bought online for $35

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    just paid $60 for my new skis to be mounted up.
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    Ski shops try to overcharge for purchases made out of their store. It's a backlash to internet sales. If you look around or are a regular customer of a ski shop, you can get it done for the $20-30 range. The integrated bindings are so easy, you can even have them done at outdoor store that sells skis with little worry. I had my integrated bindings installed by REI ($25 for members) on my Fischer AMC 79's that I bought on eBay after my local ski shop tried to rape me for $75.

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    All 3 shops i deal with are in 75 range ..so i try and buy bindings at local shops and skiis are almost all from demo sales online.

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    $50 at my local shop. Did it 2x last year on 2 sets of skis purchased online. Even adding the 50 bucks, the entire deal still saved 100's.

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    $35 is the norm up north from what I have seen. And be sure that they did it right. I've heard horror stories about some of the Ski Market Stores, which are independently managed. That said, one of the managers sent me a diplomatic Email in the fall saying that if there are any complaints he'd like to know so that he can correct them. I was just voicing the "word on the street" that I've heard and seen in here over the past few years.
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