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    the brick and mortar shops are probably hurting in this economy so you have to excuse them if they try to extract as much money as they can. they have overhead to pay for.

    if you trust your own handywork, then go ahead and do it yourself and save the money. if you want service, then I guess the going rate is whatever they are charging.
    wish i were skiing.....

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    I think $50 is excessive for a system binding.

    If the tech had to drill any holes, I can see the price being justified. Even the most experienced and careful tech is going to have an occasional mistake. The cost of the install has to cover the fact that once in a great while, they may be replacing a pair of skis.

    I've bought 3 pairs of new skis for myself, 1 pair for my daughter, online in the past year. Here are some ways to avoid getting soaked on the mounting:

    * Become a member of REI and use their ski shop services.

    * If you buy the skis online, check your local shop for the bindings; they just might be able to give you a lower total price for the bindings+mounting.

    * There are a handful of online dealers that seem to consistently have the best selection and prices. A couple of them happen to be located in New England. I've gotten some of my best online deals from proctorjones.com (Ken Jones Ski Mart in Nashua, NH) and raceskis.com (Ski Depot in Jay, ME). Call them and let them know you'll be picking the skis up at the shop; set a time where you can have the bindings mounted when you come in to pick them up. You'll be saving them the cost of the "free" shipping. And, with a new pair of skis in your car, you might as well continue on to Cannon or Sugarloaf to try them out right away.

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