skier vs. snowboarder


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    skier vs. snowboarder

    shit happens, wear a helmet.

    Breck - 12/2 12/22 12/23 1/5 1/6 2/9 3/10
    Taos - 1/26
    Keystone - 2/24
    Crested Butte - 3/25 3/26 3/27

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    awww snap

    ... .wait why does the guy take his shirt of again? Is that like back in the day when you would backhand someone with a glove?
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    That guy sure is a great role model for his kids.

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    Dad was kinda whiny!

    Where was this? It looks like such an awesome place, how does one get so douchy in such a nice place?

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    We shall Overcome!

    We shall Overcome!


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    Damn I just spit coffee all over my laptop. Funny video. Both sides need to show more respect and get a life.

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    When douches meet.
    Whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly.

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    the whole thing is ridiculous, but if i have to hear how there's kids around, its an instant annoyance. im not living my life so your kids can be protected, quite honestly, i could care less about your kids. everything always goes back to "the children..." the snowboarders were being a bit careless on a semi crowded area, i hate those road type trails, but come on.

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    Couldn't have just given them a little space.....
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    The Dad is a jerk. Teenagers are teenagers. Hes lucky the teenagers didnt know Krav Maga. Glad I taught my snowboarding sons.

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