Pound for pound Mt Hale might be some of the most vert in the Whites. It's a short distance to the summit at only 2.2 miles. But it is all UP from the car to the summit. No approach, no breaks, no vistas.


As a skin & ski it gets negative points because the access road gets closed in the winter and makes for a long flat approach. As a hiking trail though it's an 'easy' way to bag a 4k in a short distance.

It's classic shoulder season right now with nice cold temps for hiking and only the slightest hint of ice and snow



Not much of a summit view (none at all really). In some ways that was a good excuse, because it was cold and windy so lingering want very appealing.

It's a great hike that I've put off for too long. The hiking conditions are perfect in Whites right now. Get it while it's good!