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    If you read this dude's bio, he studied literature at dickinson college, current tuition north of $50K. He has a very elaborate website for a NH state rep, they get paid around $100 / year along with a range of other benefits including free skiing at cannon and free tolls. My guess is he is setting up a run for governor in 2020.

    This topic makes a good internet discussion but it is not going to pass in the current political climate; any political environment in which it would pass would likely saddle us with an income tax. Shows the value of split control on the state level, regardless of what side you are on.

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    The other thing about "higher learning" in America today, a dirty secret hiding out in the open, is that probably 1/2 of colleges today are nothing more than glorified high schools.

    The grade inflation, the loosening-standards, the increasing number of T.A.s "teaching" classes, etc..... It's sadly becoming a joke what a farce a huge number of US "colleges" are.

    In 1980 there were fewer than 2,000 colleges in America, by 2010 there were over 3,000! They're not all exactly Ivy League. It's a massive government-fueled student-debt bubble, based upon the lie that "everyone should go" to college. What a farce! Many would be FAR more economically well-off if they became plumbers or mechanics, especially if they were so foolish as to waste their $$$ on bogus degrees in nonsense like Gender Studies or Art History.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post
    My wife went to college for 8 years to be a Clinical Psychologist. Big commitment and very expensive, lots of debt. However, she's got job opportunities and earning potential, as well as independence in a manner most people would be very envious of.

    It's not a blanket statement. But I think the concept of "4 year liberal arts college" prior to what I would consider actual higher education -- advanced degrees, is a total waste of time.

    I'm pretty supportive of trade schools, expedited advanced degree training (that is, without wasting years and money doing a bunch of nonsense "core" classes), technical training, and specialized training.

    The current climate of general academia however seems to resemble the Washington swamp, full of lazy tenured professors more interested in raising the next generation of assholes than actually preparing people for life to come.

    I feel in most cases -- those who aren't set on becoming a doctor, engineer, some kind of scientist, high level business management -- people are better served simply entering the work force and getting a 4 year advantage over the liberal arts suckers.

    Not sure what the ideal situation is, but I think in the years to come we'll find out how useless these degrees were in the first place. $100,000 and 4 years wasted for a bit of paper that to many employers means you have less life experience than the alternative? No good!

    Furthermore I don't believe government should be involved in education at all. Maybe in China.
    Hey man, I'm sorry you thought spending 100k of money you didn't have on a liberal arts degree was something you needed to do, but the statement quoted above is just crazy talk.

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    This tax is only the beginning. It won't be long before they want to ban skiing because it's harmful to the environment and causes global warming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY DirtBag View Post
    Hey man, I'm sorry you thought spending 100k of money you didn't have on a liberal arts degree was something you needed to do, but the statement quoted above is just crazy talk.
    You highlighted, roughly: "I don't believe government should be involved in education at all."

    Crazy talk? That's a pretty mainstream opinion, and certainly the prevailing view among those who choose alternatives to public education.

    Feel free to argue your point though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    I warned the NH folk here some years ago, change (and not the good kind) is coming to your state.

    You are being slowly overrun by Massholes, and they will bring their votes for high tax policies with them.
    NH is only surviving by virtue of being geographically next to Massachusetts. Put NH where VT is, they will "live free AND die!"

    By suckering up to Massholes, NH thrives! Much the same way NJ suckered up to NYC and thrives.

    Pretend as they would, just like New Jersians a few decades back, that they're getting the jobs from NYC and Boston but escaping the tax and "programs". Little did they know what brings jobs to Boston and New York the first place!

    NJ succumbed a good while back. It's now as liberal and as tax happy as NY.

    So will NH. But I guess that's what BenedictGomez is basing his prediction on, first hand experience.

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    I actually thought the funniest part of this whole thing is the quote" Rep. Thompson said 80 percent of those students do not come back to the state to work and raise a family"

    So by charging more for a lift ticket you are going to change that? Good logic there Genius. Fix your state and maybe people will want to come back, but I guess it's just easier to bang out the tourists coming in for a weekend of skiing.

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    I'll eat my words as a NH resident when there is a state income tax or standard sales tax, but in 12 years here there has been little momentum towards either.

    Do some lawmakers argue for them? Sure. But, I haven't seen major support for either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoseek View Post
    I mean does it really matter where that money goes if you were never gonna get anything out of it to begin with?
    You are correct in that regard.

    I guess publicizing it and letting me know how it is going to be spent is a big mistake because ignorance is bliss?

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    The way I see it this proposed tax is aimed towards Ski Tourism (aka the Massachusetts people). Let's be real most of the skier visits in NH are people from Mass (myself included).

    This is just NH trying to capture some of that money--because turns out, government money is needed for things like roads. And if your state is obsessed over "NO Sales Tax!!", you have to make up for it in ridiculously high property taxes, Toll Roads and other taxes like this.

    Who would of thought that taxes were necessary for government services for things like roads, schools, etc?

    I guess my Massachusetts attitude is showing. You New Hampshire guys are lucky that the lower half of your state is dependent on the successful metro area of Boston. Remove Boston and your economy would be as bad as West Virginia and Kentucky. #End Rant

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