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    Quote Originally Posted by urungus View Post
    Skiing alone can be fun. You can hit the slopes at the time of your choosing, ski only the trails you want to ski, can take a break whenever you want, take advantage of the singles line, etc. If you want to head into the woods, you would need to find a companion or two at the resort for safety’s sake.
    Exactly. I love the flexibility. It is a nice break from parenting. But I also love skiing with family and friends.

    Live, Ski, or Die!

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    I try to get a at least 20 days a season and work and live right outside of NYC… so for me that means about 65% solo. No kids yet, so have been able to do that pretty consistently and that includes quite a few 1-2 night solo VT trips, though a new pup is cramping my style this season. I love those, especially if it is a storm chase. I do have a few friends of friends in Stowe that I can hit up if I want a partner and I’m up there.

    I’ve planned “west” trips before for a group with a fall back of me being fine with solo if my friends flaked, but that hasn’t happened. Always have had at least 1 come through. Have done a solo mission out west once or twice when tacking on a day to a work trip.

    It's also pretty easy to start convo with people while solo and take a few laps if you want… and same goes for ski bars if solo. And I’m not someone who is super outgoing or needs to talk but have met and ridden with a few cool folks over the years.

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    I ski with my wife. I'll occasionally take a solo run if I go into the woods or a bump run. But 99% of the time, it's with her.

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    My girlfriend refuses to ski with me and I usually take day trips on my own so I ski alone a lot. Doesn’t bother me at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocks860 View Post
    My girlfriend refuses to ski with me...
    There’s one I haven’t heard. Does she ski? If so, how did you accomplish this?

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    80% of my days are alone and while I'd like my wife to get out there more often (tough schedule), and one day my kid will be on skis, I love the time alone and crush vert way quicker on my own.

    I don't like being subjected to the will of others when I'm skiing. I find time is wasted going with friends and skiing is too expensive and important to me to dick around, show up late, and disagree if we're going to ski this or that.

    It's a good family activity though.
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    Great 24+ hours so far.

    Last night and 2night at the bar people are so friendly, bartenders and customers. On the lifts, every chair great conversation especially with the locals. I don’t have an app that keeps track but I probably skied more in 7 hours thn i ever have. No wait time and ski, lift rinse repeat. Just explored Killington and was only conscious of where I needed to be around 245.

    Not sure what I was so concerned ant and strongly thinking of one the super passes for next season. Actually more social and great mix of alone time thn when I fish or golf alone.

    And kudos to whomever suggested skiing with music in thread. Love being in tune with the outdoors but the end of the day did some time with some good phunky tunes .. turning to tunes is phun

    Looking forward to tomorrow

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    I've done it all. Many big trips with friends, and at times there were problems!!! Two short trips to Europe, solo. I had a blast blasting all over those mtns trying to do as many lifts and runs as possible in one day. Then I've met some pretty good people online asking for a local to meet-up. One guy was another former US World Cup skier (many yrs ago), I chased him all day. Then another guys said he'd take me out for a few runs at his big western mtn and we ended up skiing for 2 days. Last month I was in Grand Targhee with perfect timing for big dump, I ended up skiing with 3 different guys I met on the lifts, i had good company my same age. It's definitely more fun skiing with someone with similar skill set where you can appreciate the mtn and skiing together, esp if it is a special day with good conditions, but no one wants to be slowed down by someone they don't know for more than a run or two.

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    I used to ski alone a lot. I stopped two years ago.

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    I love going alone. I spend so much time with the family that sometimes it is nice to do max vert fast laps all day by yourself. Not complaining, but just the mental energy devoted to making sure the wife and kids are having fun and stopping and bathroom breaks and 30 minute lunches and bathroom breaks and I'm cold and my feet hurt, etc.

    Going single a bit is A ok in my book.

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