Wildcat NH - 3/25/2009


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    Camera Wildcat NH - 3/25/2009

    Date(s) Skied: March 25, 2009

    Resort or Ski Area: Wildcat NH

    Conditions: PP AM - Some Spring conditions lower mountain PM

    Trip Report: An absolutely gorgeous day at Wildcat. Temps 20's AM warming to the 40's PM. BLUEBIRD - Not a single cloud in the sky and NO WIND. Absolutely outstanding weather resulting in stunning views of Mt. Washington..

    And the conditions were great too! It was a rip the groomer day and man did we rip them. With the super fast quad we were getting 8-10K + of vertical an hour. Man my legs are feeling that!

    I am been able to take 3 Wednesday's off and ski with my friend this year and we have had some stellar days. We clicked in right at 9AM and the first runs were super-dreamy-creamy-cord. Our first run of upper catapult - middle catapult - bobcat was the best groomer run of the year. Everything groomed was outstanding and while there was a decent mid week crowd, the conditions held up very well. Skied off in a couple of spots but overall very good. The only snow-mush found was on the south facing Catnap pitch around mid-day.

    The dry March has taken its toll on the natural trails and glades. Things softened up by about 2pm but honestly by that time my legs were toast. I did manage to thrash down the Catacomb glade which was pretty good being careful to avoid the hazards. The bumps on Panther were not too bad at this time of the day too. Looks like Lift Lion had some halfway decent cover and could open up after another warm day. A lot of other natural stuff is closed for the season looks like unless they get quite a bit more snow.

    But it was definitely a top-5 day of the year for me today. Wonderful.

    Some pics:

    Looking down Polecat

    Upper Catapult

    Catacomb Glade

    Bumps on Panther

    My friend ripping up Lower Catapult
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    wholesome goodness!!

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    mighty fine pics!
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    Damn! What a day! That sky is amazing.

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    That looked great! Hopefully we'll get there again this season
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