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Camelback 1/13 - Still can't see you....... And demo day.


New member
Feb 22, 2011
Collegeville, PA
Headed up to camelback this morning mainly so I could participate in the demo day. We arrived around 7:45 and booted up to head out. The demo day didn't start until 9 but the Scott rep was pretty cool so he let me sign a waiver and take a pair of Dozers out. Headed up and made a run down asp which shocked me how nice it skied. The new skis really powered through the crud and turned like a gem. After a couple more runs including rocket and Marjorie's I headed down to switch up skis. Got a pair of Rossi 88's which I really enjoyed. The ski just turns like its on auto pilot and really rips in the spring snow. Hit up Tuts and asp to try them out. After returning and heading back out I wanted to get a pair of atomic theory but they were out so I hit the Vokl tent for some mantras. I'm not sure if it was my inexperience with a significantly longer ski or a much wider base but I couldn't get the ski to turn as well as I'd like so after my runs down big pocono and asp I headed back down. Theory's out again so I tried the Scott crusade as it was comparable. Hit rocket and asp and this ski moved the conditions were spring slush but this thing ripped effortlessly. Finally got on the theory for a run on rocket and asp and I found consistent feel with the crusade. This was the end of the demo day so after getting back on to my own skis we stopped for lunch.

After lunch was the real workout of the day as we headed over to the other quad. We headed down nile mile which had piles with some brown in spots but was skiing pretty well and fun. I realized how much benefit the other skis i demoed would have been on this trail as the piles were there to be driven. After this run we lapped cliffhanger which my normal experience consists of ice... This trail was awesome today with soft snow and snow piles up so you could hop your way down. Lots of fun as we hit another run on Nile and a couple more on cliff.

We hit up a couple more runs but at this point my legs were burning so after a quick refuel in the bar we hit the main blacks on the quad and ended the day on asp which at this point was becoming dangerous as the fog was raising and with the low light the snow was damn near impossible to pick up.

All in all I had a lot of fun today with the exception of the lack of visibility made it tough to pick up the bumps in the snow and wearing my googles was pretty much a waste of time. Got to try some new skis and put in some much needed ski time.

Hoping the weather treats us right going forward.