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Campgaw- Leap Day 2020


New member
Sep 22, 2008
I bailed on Belle when I heard the gondi was down and stayed nearby for a quick trip to a local hill. Much to my surprise they had most of the guns pumping out fresh all day long, despite being post Presidents Week- kudos to Campgaw!
Attendance was subnormal for a Saturday at this usually busy area so they were running only one chair on the main hill. At most a 5 minute wait- got tons of runs in. Unlike last year, there was no snow on the fun but short side trails. It seems they made a decision to keep the main slope going as long into the season as possible- the base is the deepest I've ever seen and easily will withstand the lousy weather coming in this week. The ski school area and tubing area looked fairly busy with lots of kids riding those magic carpets. It was a cold day so I stopped for a hot cocoa and one of their big cheeseburgers off the outdoor grill that's better than those at some restaurants I've been to. Really hit the spot and warmed me up for some more runs. An employee told me they'll keep the guns on all night long and as far into tomorrow as temps permit so conditions should be even better tomorrow.
The Mighty 'Gaw- gettin' er done!


Active member
May 6, 2007
Northwestern, NJ
Ah, Mighty Gaw. I haven't been there since I moved to Sussex County in 2008. I had a great powder day there in, I believe 2007, lapped the trail for 2 hours while it was dumping that day. It was a weekday and I was the only one there. Used to ski there all the time in the 80s with my friends after school and always had fun.

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