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Catamount lift served MTB


Active member
Mar 2, 2008
Lower Hudson Valley
I'm sure lift-serviced is fun, but I don't think I'd do it often since I can just hop on a bike a ride places closer than an hour+ away. Kinda ironic, I know cuz the opposite is true for me skiing with lift-serviced vs. touring. Actually though, in a way, it is a geographic limitation as touring requires travel early/late season which I haven't found worth burning a vacatino day or whatever. I guess it all boils down to a matter of convenience.
I'm not sure it's the same though.

That's sort of like asking someone who's only ever XC skied why they don't want to go lift served.
That's right!

For x-c rider and x-c skiers, the "fun" is 80% in the climbing and suffering! We maybe on equipment that look similar (and have similar names), the objectives can be quite far apart. What I enjoy about lift-served skiing and x-c skiing are quite different and largely un-related.

Also, lift served skiiing is more of a "staple" recreation like golf or tennis. Downhill biking is largely not. It's pretty extreme and the fun is in the "rush", which have SOME potential of injuries. Less like blasting down the groomers, more like skiing the trees.

I used to do lift-serve biking because I simply crave that sense of danger. 10 years older now, I still ride but only very occasionally. For I don't find the risk as much fun as before. Instead, it's "what I can NOT afford to break"...