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Feb 17, 2022 Shawnee on Delaware


Active member
Oct 22, 2019
Resort or Ski Area
Shawnee Mountain Ski Area
Feb 17, 2022
Snow Conditions
  1. Packed Powder
  2. Slush or Spring Snow
  3. Chopped or Crud
  4. Crust
I don't know whether to say they've done the best they can with the weather or to say that the conditions were really a disappointment.

The lodge is weathered but the employees in and around the lodge seemed friendly and helpful. There are cubby holes to change in. The lodge is huge.

The lifties at the bottom of 'F' lift (which is really slow) were too busy drinking coffee and talking instead of lessening the impact of the chair on loading; even which catching the chair it was a little rough. The attendant at the top was either sleeping or reading. The snow conditions that this lift served were the best on the hill, IMHO but since the lift was sooooo slow everyone gravitated to the quad (The only other lift operating that day).

The snow for the 'quad' trails was a mixed bag. Some trails started off pretty good and all of a sudden they'd be a frozen hill in the middle, a ditch, 6 inch or more terraces, ice chunks the size of baseballs or bigger.

There are better conditions within 2 hours of my home. I might even use my Fail Vail pass before going here again.