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Gunstock 1/21


New member
Jul 29, 2015
Finally decided to kick off my season (late - due to weather & numerous other commitments) with the kids.

Got an early start, 10th chair or so on the Panorama. Lapped Trigger 4x to get the legs going, trails were in good shape. Flintlock & Cannonball were nice too.

Ventured over to the Pistol lift to complete the morning, kids wanted to go in the features while I skied off to the side.

Waited no longer than 5 minutes in any line, which was odd because the parking lots & lodges were jammed. As expected place started emptying out around 1 for the Pats game.

After lunch surfaces started to get scratchy & skied off, but my legs were shot anyway so I ended @ 2. Kids went till final chair. Had a few beers in the Powder Keg to end the day. Nice to get back into things.

First time using the RF gates, new for this year - no issues at all. Prefer them to the tags.

The obligatory summit shot from the top of Panorama lift.