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Hickory Alpine Club


New member
Oct 20, 2006
Some of you may have had a chance to ski the wonderful ski resort in Warrensburg, NY known as "Hickory Ski Center." Founded in 1946, it closed for a number of years before being brought back to life in the mid 2000's. Hickory like many less well-known hills is looking for a way to stay alive. Hickory's Board of Directors announced today a plan to form a throwback, resort-sponsored ski club called the "Hickory Alpine Club."

Modeled on the relationship that Mad River Glen has with the ski clubs at the base of its hill, the club is looking to recruit a membership from across the Northeast and to build a small on-mountain clubhouse and a few cabins. Hickory is looking to preserve its unique character while installing a snowmaking system that will enable a more consistent operating season. If you're interested, there's a link to the site below.


Here's a link to the website:



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