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Honestly, what do you think?


New member
Jun 8, 2015
My wife and I shot this 5 minute short "film" about nature and what the remaining wild places of the world mean to us. It started out as a poem that I worked on and completed while on stand hunting here in Georgia while reflecting on our growing detachment from it all as a species. It was our first time attempting a project this immense and having our 2 small children with us during nearly every outing made it even more of a challenge. In hindsight, there are many things I would do differently today. Some of the clips would have coincided with the poem better could I have had the means to travel to wilder country. It was also my first time editing audio. Some have told me the poem is hard to hear in a few places. You can find it in the description if there's a certain line or word you can't make out. Anyways, I hope it resonates with some of you. Most of my videos are goofy and playful but this project came straight from my heart.

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