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Killington 12/14


Active member
Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado
Conditions: Man Made Packed Powder

Trip Report:

We got to Killington around 9:30 with much excitement since our last visit was refrozen surface with a dusting. We were using our 2 for 1 and a $10 with RSNE for the junior lift ticket. First time I had trouble finding a second person to share the second 2 fer we had. Then again there seem to be Our goal was to visit as much of the mountains as possible. We started by going up on the Gondola which had a fairly long line which we would avoid for the rest of the day since all other chairs were ski on. While on the Gondola we were told Needle Eye was pretty nice so once at the top we headed in the direction of Launch Pad. Forgetting to grab a trail map, we just skied in that general direction. We hit Some of Sky Lark then High Road and notice that we ended up at the Snowshed Quad. My son was using a new board and claimed his edges were catching too much so we took a easy cruiser down Snowshed Slope to let him carve and feel his new board. Which was good because we had new boots and adjustments were in order. BTW it was friggin' cold! -2 up top of K1 and it never got above 3 at the base according to their monitors.

We then took the Quad up and headed over on High Road. The trails thus far were some of the best conditions we have seen for early season skiing. We Took the Needles Eye Quad and took a run in the trail named the same. It was a lot of fun with some mellow bumps a whales off to the side and nice in the middle. We then decided to head towards K1 Lodge to ski that area. We ended up on Bittersweet and got on Superstar Quad. We skied Skylark and headed back to eat and warm up.

After lunch a a couple of Switchback Ales and Bloody Mary's, my son insisted on heading on trails that were cruisers much to my chagrin. So we headed over to Snowdon Triple for a couple of runs on Bunny Buster and Chute before our hands got cold. Why is it that our hands get so cold after lunch. I blame it on a slow chair, but in reality the moisture is the troublemaker in my true opinion. We decided to cruise over to Ramshed and another warm up sesh!

After that experience we wanted to get back to Snowdon went down Bunny Buster again and then Mouse Trap. For those park fans, they seemed to have some nice features underneath Snowdon Triple. We wanted to get back to the top but had no interest standing in the line for the Gondola so Superstar Quad was the ride. My wife and son headed down Skylark again and I headed down Superstar. The middle was fast and free of bumps and I have to say I do not recall it like that last year. However there were a couple of spots one on the head wall and the other on the drop toward the bottom that caught me off guard. I opted for a final run on Superstar while the fam went inside. The second run was more to skiers right where bumps were forming and it actually skied pretty well.

We were very pleased with the conditions and had a lot of fun. I was bummed out that we did not ski some areas with more difficulty due to my son's issues with his new board. He is actually really good but this board was a little longer and was reverse cambered which was probably different for him so we made the best of it.

Was hoping to take a couple of runs with Savemeasammy but we always seemed to be in different areas. It was not due to a lack of trying! Thanks Savemeasammy!

Overall my best day at Killington as far as conditions are concerned. We are looking forward to a mid season trip on the Ski Vermont Ski 3 Pass.

Sorry about the lack of pics!